Monday, March 3, 2008

Things that make me happy

I have been so pleased with the recently reorganized Realistic Equine Sculpture Society. I was particularly excited to learn that Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig would be taking the helm editing the organization's biannual ezine The Boat. Those of you who know Sarah know that she never does anything in moderation.

Over the weekend I received my copy of the first issue. The first full-color, 195 page issue! Nope, no moderation there. The magazine goes out to members in PDF form, so what you see in the above picture is the printout that I made and set inside sheet protectors. I thought that might be a wise precaution given the likelihood of the articles ending up in the studio for reference. In that photo the book is opened to an article on planning - and revising - sculptures. That's just one of many really in-depth articles. The article on hooves alone is fifty pages long! (I suspect my little version of Sprinkles would like it if I quit reading about revisions and just roughed in her last leg, or perhaps a proper head!)

That would have been enough to keep me happily reading for the rest of the week, but then this morning I found this. That's the Dutch horse color book Het Paard in Zijn Kleurenrijkdom, written by J.K. Wiersema and published in 1977. Almost twenty years after it was published, I found a copy in the rare book room at the old Arabian Horse Trust and was able to leave with a rather poor black-and-white xerox of the contents. The original book, however, was in color and I've often wished I had access to it again now that color copies can be so easily had. So when I accidentally stumbled across this, I was beyond thrilled! I don't speak Dutch, unfortunately, so I still cannot read a word of it. But the rare photographs of appaloosa Welsh Ponies and silver dapple Groningers were what I was really after.

None of this is getting my dapple greys finished, of course. Tomorrow the books get put away and it's back to the painting table.


Heather said...

Hey Leslie....I want to thank you so much for sharing all your 'little finds' in the horse color world. That book is just amazing and who cares that I can't read it either, I'll make up my own captions! Or I'll get really good at Google Language!

~Heather in Cali

Lesli Kathman said...

That would work. Although I tell people I can say the word "bay" in most modern languages.