Friday, March 21, 2008

Another dappled horse

Here is another finished piece, this time a silver dapple rather than a dapple grey. He's one of the few glazed pintos I had done with mapping.

Today has been an "administrative" day. I finished up my taxes (my least favorite part of self-employment), boxed up horses for shipping (including this guy), and now I'm working on updates to the website. I have been really bad about working on the website gallery pages, even though I set it up so the individual lottery pages moved directly over to the gallery once the horses were sold. I need a good secretary!


~Jenn Danza~ said...

Ooooooh, look at the hair in that EAR!!!! Gorgeous Lesli! Just gorgeous!!!


mel said...

One of my favorite things about your horses is their dark eyes---it gives them sweet faces. This Finn is no exception---he looks like many draft horses I have known, with that most earnest, hard-working expressions. And I must agree with Jenn: he looks fuzzy, like he'd be warm if I touched him!