Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Jelli

As promised, here is the Jellibaby that Addi brought and that I glazed while she was here. I've named her "Maisy". I usually give horses done during artist gatherings names that somehow remind me of the time I spent, and with her I wanted something to remind me of the time I spent with both Addi and Mel. Since she didn't remotely look like a Trogdar (my youngest son's preference), I chose a diminutive version of "maize" for our time in the Maize Maze. (Don't worry Mel - I have evil plans to reflect Trogdar in one of your horses' names!)

I had originally thought I would sell her and keep the second (as yet unfinished) Jellibaby, but I want to wait and pair her with one of Addi's really neat mares once they are ready. I have her mother's color pictured so clearly in my mind that I need to make them a pair. But that isn't going to happen unless I place her out of sight in the back of the china cabinet before I get more attached to her. She's a really cute baby!

I am also color-correcting pictures of Addi's second Vixen/Imp pair. She'll probably run those on her own blog, so watch there for them.


mel said...

Hmm. Something related to Trogdor? Best not to tempt the kiln gods with anything "Burninator" related, so I'll just wait to see what it is...

And I can't quite believe that I last saw that Jelli with a wee bit of nose pink and some shell hooves! Wow, is that a wonderful transformation!

Lesli Kathman said...

Hahahaha! (singing) Burninating all the little ponieeeees!!!