Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Running behind, as usual

These are the lottery horses as they looked right before I left for Boise two weeks ago. They don't look much like this anymore - everyone is much darker now - but they aren't yet finished. Soon, though!

It's hard to tell with so many of them at a rather pale stage in the photo (and with the camera flash making them even more so), but so far the plan has:
a Finn in a "red silverish" sabino
an Al-Hadiye in dapple rose grey (started out life chestnut)
a Maggie in dark dapple grey
an Eira foal in blue sabino roan
and a Pixie in bay fewspot

Oh, for more hours in the day. Or perhaps some better time management skills!


ETCs_Lady said...

Lesli, What an exciting lot of shiny goodness!

Can't wait to enter for a chance to win these babies. :-)

Good luck to all who enter!!

mel said...

How cool to see TWO foals! You know me and babies! This looks to be an interesting group, color-wise.